WIN95 OSR2.1 problem solved

Jochen Huppertz jhu at
Mon Jul 28 02:34:39 GMT 1997

Recently Microsoft introduced some network improvements which made it
impossible to connect to Samba without using encrypted passwords.

There is a way-around for NT4.0 (SP3) by changing a registry entry. This
has been published by Microsoft in their knowledge-base.

With WIN95 OSR2.1 and the vredir patch (vredir.vxd and vnetsup.vxd dated
June, 2nd 1997 or later) the behaviour is very similar to NT with SP3.

I could not find any hint from Microsoft, so I had to try on my own.
If you want WIN95 to work with unencrypted passwords, you have to change
the registry as with NT. However it is a different key to change :


Add a new DWORD value named EnablePlainTextPassword and give it a value
of 1. That's it.

J. Huppertz
Systems Engineer
Ipsen International

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