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Fri Jul 25 11:28:44 GMT 1997

hongwei at said :

>I have a question about cd-rom for linux system.  Although it is not
>related to samba directly, I believe many people in this group are
>expert about linux and may give me correct answer.  I am going to 
>buy a pc to install linux (the most recent slackware one).  My 
>question is: do I need a scsi cd-rom drive to install and run linux 

The more recent versions of the linux kernal will mount just about 
anything, so a normal IDE'ish CDROM drive is fine. If the setup 
program wont recognize the drive, mount it somewhere sensible and 
install from pre-mounted partition, eg :

mkdir /cdrom
mount /dev/hdc /cdrom -t iso9660

(where hdc = drive on master of 2ndry controller)

Watch out for your video card though - that seems to be the one area
where the linux developers are a bit behind - mainly I should say
because the h/w manufacturers are very non-cooperative. 
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