Using a secondary WINS server with Samba

Luke Leighton lkcl at
Wed Jul 23 10:12:39 GMT 1997

> We are attempting to use an NT server and backup NT server as our WINS
> servers on a network with several unix systems which are running Samba.  We
> would like the Samba systems to register with the main server if it is up
> and with the backup server if it is not.  I see that you can specify a WINS
> server in the smb.conf file but I do not see any way to assign a secondary
> WINS.  Is this option available in Samba?

no, it is not.  it should be a fairly easy task to add such code in: if
repeated attempts to send to the first wins server fail, move to the
second, then third etc.

my first attempt at adding a state machine into samba lead to some
pretty ugly-looking code, and i've not felt a burning desire to mess
with it, since i tidied it up into the samba-2 branch, which has been
sitting idle for months.


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