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Wed Jul 23 03:31:21 GMT 1997

Hello - ICI Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Landlords, Commercial/Industrial Tenants, 
and Investors.

-   Add Listings to our Industrial Commercial (ICI) database - NO COST!
-   We will register your home page with 244 search engines - NO COST!
-   Need a home page? We'll create & host one for you - NO COST!

The ICI EXCHANGE ( is a world class online
interactive ICI database where you can add listings and market your 
vacant commercial space and buildings for sale, no matter where you 
work in North America, and we need your support. 

Because it's a new interactive database software program, we need 
some help testing it and some feedback.  In return for your time and 
trouble, we think we can help you too.  

Add listings to our ICI Exchange database directly from your browser 
and we will register your personal or corporate home page, on the
web, with 244 or more SEARCH ENGINES using the latest high tech 
software.  We may double the traffic to your home page!  

Do you need  an ICI real estate home page? We will create and host one 
for you on our server, and register it as stated above. NO CHARGE.  
Our offer is limited to the first 50 persons who submit their listings to us.  

We think the ICI Exchange is the best commercial/investment real estate 
marketing tool ever invented and we want to prove it to you.  We will 
market your listings on the ICI Exchange by E-mail,  to millions of industrial, 
commercial & retail tenants, brokers and investors locally, and all across
North America. It doesn't matter what town or city you specialize in. Our 
database allows searches regionally and lists the regions available.

Please don't overlook this unusual opportunity.  

Thank you, 

Brien East, 
The ICI Exchange.
Web Site:  E-mail: brien at
No charges apply for any of the offers made in this note.

The ICI Exchange marketing and database SOFTWARE system is also available
for sale to operators in selected city regions..

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