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Tue Jul 22 16:11:43 GMT 1997

Further to my printing problem,

:>I've an odd problem with samba, running on SCO3.2.4.1. (sys.V)
:>Most PC's (runing win95 or NT) seem to print fine.
:>A few however will print the first print job OK, but will not print
:>again until either the samba deamon is restarted or the PC is 
:>reset, ....

:The usual problems are incorrect print commands in your smb.conf 
:file. One that we ran into with SCO Release 5 (3.2v5.??) was that 
:we use for our printer->fax gateway on our system:
:   print command = /usr/local/bin/lp -dfaxprn < %s 2>> /tmp/plog%u; 
: rm   %s

After a bit of experimentation , it seems that samba is taking the 
first job, and sending it to the lp service correctly. For subsequent 
jobs, it takes the job, spools it in the place specified in the 
printer service section, and doesn't run the print command - I set 
the print command to just place a time stamp on the end of a log file 
and after the first go it just stops executing the print command for 
that client. Other clients carry on fine.
Here's my print command :
print command = date >>/tmp/smb.test;lp -c -R -d%p -o nocr %s >> /tmp 
/smb.test 2>&1
It used to be:
print command = lp -c -R -d%p -o nocr %s
And I briefly tried :
print command = date >>/tmp/smb.test
All behave in the same way, ie. they execute once and then stop 
thereafter for that client. 
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