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>> Subject: roaming profiles
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>> 1) roaming profiles only work if your primary login is 'Client for 
>> Microsoft Networks'.  if, in the Network Control Panel, you select 
>> 2) it _might_ be the case that you have to use a WINS server to get 
>> roaming profiles to work.  if anyone successfully does this, without 
>how do I find out whether roaming profiles are active?

thinks.  log in a user on one w95 machine.  add some shortcuts to the
desktop or the start menu.  log out.  go to a second machine.  log in
again.  if those shortcuts appear on the desktop / start menu of the
second machine, roaming profiles are working.  ah, sorry, this explains
how to find out if they're working, not active.  oops!

if you want to _activate_ them on w95, read the.... DOMAIN.txt (or is it
LOGON.txt?) file with the docs distribution - i give full instructions
to w95 users as to how to switch them on.

i don't know about nt: i've not investigated this.  if someone sends me
some instructions, or i get round to physically setting up an nt
workstation (which i don't have - only NT server :-), i will incorporate
them into the documentation.

>If I understand roaming profile correctly, there should be a file on the 
>user's home directory where all the desktop settings a user customized 
>are stored. Is that correct?

correct, for w95.  it's called user.dat.  read the NT server "user
manager" help file, if you have access to it.  it's all explained in
gory detail, there.



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