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Fri Jul 18 19:22:46 GMT 1997

I got several responses to my question and thought I'd summarize to the

Original Problem:
>I know I have several options for fixing these things. One is to go out
>and give each PC a static IP from the subnet I have been given
>responsibility for. However, I do have a server capable of running DHCP
>(VMS) on the same segment with these PCs. So I'd like to configure these
>PCs from my server. I've tried this and everything works fine -- for the
>basic stuff: IP, subnet mask, gateway, DNS. But how do I specify WINS
>I assume it can be specified using a generic vendor tag in my dhcptab
>file: Tnn=a.b.c.d

>My question is: does anyone know what the value for <nn> is?

Best response was this one...

>From: 	Dutchyn, Chris[SMTP:ChrisDutchyn at aec.ca]
>Sent: 	Friday, July 18, 1997 15:10
>To: 	Heron, Steve
>Subject: 	DHCP and WINS settings
>You need to place two Tnn= values into your DHCP table.  The first is
>the WINS server IP address, as
>where AA, BB, CC, DD are the hex-equivalents of the WINS server IP
>address.  Then, you need to ensure that your PCs understand how to
>operate their lookup functions.  Microsoft supports 4 operating modes:
>	B-mode:	0x01	broadcast for addresses only (i.e. ignore WINS
>	P-mode:	0x02	point-to-point (never broadcast, if WINS doesn't
>have it, then it isn't available)
>	M-mode:	0x04	?: try broadcast, failing that, use WINS (?)
>		H-mode:		0x08	hybrid: try WINS; failing that,
>If you have a WINS server or have multiple subnets, never use B-mode.
>P-mode is okay, provided everything registers itself.  H-mode is the
>most flexible.  To tell the PCs what mode to operate in, use:
>	T46=0xZZ
>where ZZ is from the above mode table.

Also this option which I don't need (from Richard.Hellier
<rlh at cppuk.co.uk>):
 T47 : NetBIOS Scope option

Thanks everyone for your help!

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