Heron, Steve SHeron at nbpower.com
Fri Jul 18 11:12:19 GMT 1997

I have a little problem. I realize this may not be the right place to
ask this, but I'll bet luke or someone else here knows the answer :->

I'm not the site network administrator, and she's not willing/able to
figure out the changes necessary to fix a small problem that cropped up
this week:

For months my department's PCs have been booting and configuring
themselves from the site WinNT3.51 DHCP server. This worked fine and did
all the normal things for my clients: set IP addresses, subnet mask,
default gateway *and* WINS server. However, something happened (no one
seems to know what) that took the DHCP server off my clients' network
segment. It's still working fine on other segments. In fact, the DHCP
server appears to have disappeared entirely from the network -- I can't
even ping it from segments that are still being configured correctly
(from the same server responding on a different IP, I think!)

While the site network guys are trying to figure it out from their end,
my clients are stuck!

I know I have several options for fixing these things. One is to go out
and give each PC a static IP from the subnet I have been given
responsibility for. However, I do have a server capable of running DHCP
(VMS) on the same segment with these PCs. So I'd like to configure these
PCs from my server. I've tried this and everything works fine -- for the
basic stuff: IP, subnet mask, gateway, DNS. But how do I specify WINS

I assume it can be specified using a generic vendor tag in my dhcptab
file: Tnn=a.b.c.d
My question is: does anyone know what the value for <nn> is?

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