Syncing passwd and smbpasswd

Anthony David adavid at
Fri Jul 18 08:10:13 GMT 1997

Greetings All

Big thanks to Mr Fenwick and others for posting the workaround for the
NT 4.0
SP 3 update issue.

A number of users do not have direct access to a shell, with their
profile execing
a financials application. This makes syncing password changes a problem
password ageing is enforced.

I am in the "final throes" of completing a Perl script that will check
the ageing
info (HP/UX 9.03 - non shadow implementation) and run smbpasswd
when it detects that the user has had to change their account password.
Because the
ageing works on storing update info with a "weeks since epoch" counter,
have decided to store the info as the last ','-delimited field in the
gcos field of the smbpasswd. This means the script must run setuid 0
with appropriate signal
handling behaviour.

If there is a better method, I would love to hear from people.

I am happy to email my "near complete" script to those who are
interested in
testing it and/or using it as a basis for their own needs. I will also
have to adopt
it for the Solaris machines here that use shadow files.

Anthony David
Anthony David & Associates
Lifetime member of the "Larry Wall fan club".

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