How to write a printcap entry for remote printer

Chuck Bearden cbearden at
Tue Jul 15 17:18:42 GMT 1997

On Tue, 15 Jul 1997, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:

> it will depend on the printer you have attached.  i spent yesterday 
> evening connecting an HP laserjet 4L to a FreeBSD box.  the hp is a pcl 
> printer.  if you print to it in text, it comes out with garbage.  we had 
> to supress the (text) header page, and suppress the last form-feed, so it 
> didn't print a garbage header (wasted page no 1) and print a separator 
> page (wasted page no 2).
> as far as i understand any of this, you (and i) will need a separate 
> printcap entry for the pine (text-only) people, and a pre-processing 
> command, that turns text into pcl, and feeds the data to the same 
> physical printer (well, actually, the same printer queue on which one 
> printer is attached).

Thanks for the reply.  I believe you are correct that you need a separate
printcap line for each type of filter you want to pipe to.  My question
revolves more around how to specify the remote printer host and name, if
this is different than the normal way of specifying a remote lpd printer,
and if there were other major differences between Samba printcap entries
and remote lpd ones.  

My assumption is that printcaps for remote Samba printers do look
different.  I am hoping for docs that set this forth in a systematic
fashion, like Welsh and Kauffman do for other kinds of printers in

Thanks again,

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