Samba on Sequent ptx v4.*

Philip Hands phil at
Mon Jul 14 15:41:11 GMT 1997


I just thought I'd mention a few hints I picked up recently while compiling 
Samba for ptx recently for a client:


not -DSEQUENT -DPTX4 as in the Makefile.

Get hold of the latest version of TCP (v4.2.1 is supposed to be OK for both 
ptx4.1.x and 4.2.x), since it includes BSD sockets which were about three 
times faster than the old ABI sockets (in a very simple test we ran)

make sure you are compiling with the BSD sockets, by setting _SEQUENT_CC_ thus:

$ _SEQUENT_CC_=-Wc,+bsd-socket
$ export _SEQUENT_CC_

Cheers, Phil.

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