1.9.18p1 --to-- 1.9.18p2 problem??

Vit Maslov vit at ol.tashkent.su
Wed Jan 29 10:42:59 GMT 1997

>find_domain_master_name_query_fail: Unable to find the Domain Master
>Browser nam
>e DG2<1b> for the workgroup DG2. Unable to sync browse lists in this
  I think no problem here. There are must be ONE Domain master browser
in workgroup and just only one. You must configure one of your servers
as Domain master:

     domain master = yes
     preferred master = yes
     os level = 65

All another machines mast NOT be Domain masters. For details see file
BROWSING.TXT in samba/doc directory.
Your problem may be was that samba-1.9.18p1 has this parameter (Domain
master) is "yes" by default, while samba-1.9.18p2 - no.
  Try this, please.

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