domain logons across subnets

Herbert Rosmanith herp at
Mon Dec 29 23:50:49 GMT 1997


I tried to make a win95 machine to perform a domain-logon to
an NT server, which is in a diferent subnet, behind a linux-router.
on this linux-router, I also installed samba.

I noticed in log.nmbd, that the client always queries for
a "0x1c" type, but never gets a response from nmbd.

Thus , I "hacked" the "wins.dat" file, and restartet nmbd:

HBLADOMAIN#1e 883484202 ffe0R
HBLADOMAIN#1c 883484202 ffe0R
HBLADOMAIN#00 883484205 ffe0R

the "1c" entry was put in there by me.

Suddenly, domain-logons worked. ( is the IP-adresse
of the NT-machine).

a) what is the correct way to do that ? (lmhosts entry ?)
b) why did it work ?

thanks in advance,

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