cvs catch-up from ntdom-split-point to current cvs tree

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Mon Dec 29 19:01:41 GMT 1997

hi all,

i have a _big_ favour to ask of you all.

i've just done an diff from the cvs tag ntdom-split-point up to the
present cvs branch (i used cvs -t diff -u -w -b -B -r ntdom-split-point) 
and then hand-merged this into the cvs tag BRANCH_NTDOM.  this includes
the new nmbd code.

i'm afraid of having made a pig's ear of it.

if anyone has some time to spare, could they do a double-check on the
differences?  your mission, should you choose to accept it, is:

- check out the current cvs branch.
- do a cvs diff -r ntdom-split-point.

- check out the BRANCH_NTDOM branch from 23dec97
- check out the _current_ BRANCH_NTDOM branch.
- do a diff on the two BRANCH_NTDOM branches

ignoring the rpc_pipes/ directory completely, make sure that i haven't
missed anything out, and haven't added anything stupid in, to the

the files that i have been working on in the main source directory that
in particular i found clashed with the main cvs branch are:

- clientgen.c (new functions cli_mv which i'd already created, called
cli_move; new functions cli_qpathinfo etc; use of client_receive_smb
instead of receive_smb)

- client.c, clitar.c

- smb.h, pipes.c, server.c, ipc.c, password.c, util.c, loadparm.c,
trans2.c (all these are to do with the pipes and the new dce/rpc and the
new nt domain support)

- other, miscellaneous.

some files i definitely didn't modify, which have only been worked on by
other team members (work, patch contributions):

- nmbd_*.c, quotas.c, kanji.[ch], trans2.h, local.h, locking*.c, shmem*.c,
ubiqx/*.[ch], wsmbconf.c, cgi.c, a few others: can't remember... 

some files i did modify, which i don't believe were modified in the main
cvs branch.  in particular, the rpc_pipes directory should definitely not
have been modified in the main cvs branch.

- uid.c, ntdomain.h, rpc_pipes/*.[ch].

help, help, i'm drowning in incremental changes, and it's all too much!

luke (samba team)

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