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     I wan't to use the printing facility for a start, get some expirience 
     with samba, and then at a later point also use the SHARE facility.
     The reason way I don't wan't to use LPR, is because I have all kind's 
     of clients, DOS, WIN3X, NT 3.51 and 4.0 ~ Why implement 1000 freeware 
     programs, if one is enough. Another reason is my print server:
     I have one HP UX box doing all printing for 70 Workstations, I would 
     like to push the pc print to same server: One place management, 
     resource consilidation, etc.
     Best regards

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Subject: Re: Printing
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Date:    12/22/97 6:28 PM

At 01:43 23-12-97 +1100, Thomas.Hansen.tmh./Copenhagen at wrote: 
>     Hi All you Samba people.
>     I would like to use Samba for sharing my unix printers, and only that 
>     - NO SHARES. I think the easy way to do this, is to have the same unix 
>     account do all the printing, so I have made an account call PCPRINT, 
>     with no password.
If all you want is printing, why not use the Windows LPR facility and cut 
out the Samba layer altogether? If you have Win95 machines then there is a 
free/shareware version of the LPR facility, WinNT40ws has this built-in but 
using it is counter-intuitive.
I am a great fan of Samba, but not to the exclusion of common-sense. If you 
have serious loads and serious reliability requirements then you might 
check into getting a dedicated LAN printer server, for all your workgroup 
machines to share, using LPR. No computer system, Unix or otherwise, is as 
reliable as dedicated appliance-level hardware. That's why I have a real 
FAX machine backing up my HylaFAX server.
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