UNIX virus checker for Samba shares

Sandro Dentella sandro at pcco2.mi.infn.it
Mon Dec 22 13:16:14 GMT 1997

> I'm not sure if it was on this list and I know this is a little off
> kilter but it is about the wider implications of using Samba and PCs
> together. Does anyone know of a virus checking program that could be run
> under UNIX (SunOS 4.1.x) to sweep the shared areas that the PC users
> have access to ? I'm sure that I've seen mention of one a few months
> ago.

I'm currently using McAfee under Linux. It works fairly good (funny enough
it's easer to download it than to find somebody to pay for it..:-).

Somebody told me that also Dr Salomon have one such antivirus but I was not
able to find it. If anybody have a pointer I would appreciate to have it.

I'm also using a script that is called from procmail to check attached files. I
found this script on the net. Should anybody want it, I can ship it (after
checking with the author, but I believe there would be no problem).

The only thing I couldn't manage to do is to check for boot sector virus on
floppy, McAfee under Linux only seem to check for viruses in files. And again
I couldn't get back answers from McAfee on this question.


Sandro Dentella *:-)

sandro at crcc.it  - sandro at pcco2.mi.infn.it

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