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> What is the status of this software ?  Is there anobody taking care of it ?

To be perfectly honest, I have no idea.  I have not heard Richard say much at all
recently - then again I cannot say that I have made a point of speaking to him
directly either.

> I ask, because I've got incredible and strange problems using it
> (SIGSEGVs in library routines...) and I want to ask if this
> is reliable software...

I have had similar problems in regard to porting SMBlib to other architectures.

> OR: is there any project ongoing which hash an aim to make a user
> friendly library of routines to use windows shares from "C" ?

I was or more correctly *am* in the process of re-writing parts of it.  Trouble is
though, I have lots to do and doing this is in addition to everything else that I
have to do, so re-writing often gets dropped to the bottom of my todo list.

> I want to point that in list of 'Related Software' in README of
> main directory of samba distributions is written:
> - smblib, a library of smb functions which are designed to make it
> easy to smb-ise any particular application. See
> .. well... is there anybody who used this code with success ?

Yep.  I have.

Only problems I have really had are with really to do with porting in regard to the
way parts of it are written.

In general, the SMBlib distribution (as of SMBlib-0.50) is becoming a little dated
relative to SAMBA itself.

What would be lovely is if someone just picked up SMBlib (Richard... are you
listening.... :-) ) and either added all of the other bits and pieces that we now
know about now or maybe totally re-wrote it from scratch.

At least, fully GNU'ise it (with configure script and all).

Ultimately I may get around to doing this if someone else doesn't but my main
interest in the SMBlib as it currently stands is a method of authenticating which
is what I use it for right now ... or more correctly ...  parts of it ... and in
general that seems to work fine.

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