"Save As" fails to Samba drive, works on Win95, NT, Novell ...

Joshua Heling jrh at securepipe.com
Thu Dec 18 22:30:18 GMT 1997

In message <34984C89.167EB0E7 at whistle.com>, Jeremy Allison writes:
>> Essentially, when you type a name in the save as dialog and press enter, a 
>> backslash is added to the end of the new filename (in the dialog, that is), 
>> there is a brief pause, and the name is replaced by the standard windows 
>> dialog box extension filter, which in this case is '*.it*'.  There is no err
>> message, the user is still looking at the save as dialog box, and no new fil
>> is created.
>Is it an app written in Visual Basic ? Such apps seem to do
>strange things with filenames passed to 'open'.

It does seem to be a VB app -- VBRUN300.DLL is in the directory (and used when 
the program is running, according to smbstatus), for example.

>Can you download 1.9.18alpha13 and send me a debug
>level 10 log of the app running it ?

I have a level 10 log taken by alpha13.  The log starts from the point where 
I'm looking at an open file (Oldfile.it) .. I do a "Save As", type 
"newfile.it" in the dialog box, press enter, and the error happens.  I then 
cancel out of the dialog.  The log stops there, given how big it is already, 
though I have the logs preceding and following the part I just described.

Jeremy, I'll send you the log separately so as not to annoy the list (it's 
~50K as a compressed attachment, ~500K uncompressed).  If anyone else want to 
see, just let me know..

Interesting news since my original post -- the problem only occurs with Win95 
as the client ... an NT box running the app from the Samba server can do "Save 
As" just fine..

Thanks for your help,


Joshua Heling				    jrh at securepipe.com
SecurePipe Communications, Inc.

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