Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at switchboard.net
Thu Dec 18 21:20:00 GMT 1997

i've been examining the DCE/RPC over SMB Trans pipes, and i have to say
that i'm quite impressed with the design: my compliments to the NT team. 
i find it quite an agreeable challenge working out the bits that are (and
are not) decoded by NETMON.EXE. 

there are a couple of niggling things, about which absolutely nothing can
be done, but i thought i'd mention them anyway:

- the \PIPE\winreg unicode string buffer size and lengths are specified in
multiples of uint8 not uint16 chars.

- there are several different methods used for storing containers.  either
my understanding is limited or they are actually consistent.  the count of
the number of items stored in a list is outputted twice in the stream.
once is enough, surely :-)

other than these small things, amongst the several hundred RPC calls, i
quite like it, and look forward to seeing more o/ses and administrative
programs using DCE/RPC.

the code i have written up, so far, has been released under the GPL.
barring wars or flash floods of frogs, it will remain so.

if anyone or any corporation who cannot for some reason examine or use GPL
code wishes to do so, please contact me if you wish to negotiate a full or
partial source code license, for educational or other purposes.

best regards for the new year,


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