SAMBA digest 1526

David Collier-Brown "davecb" at Canada.Sun.COM
Thu Dec 18 13:34:31 GMT 1997

Ken Hamer (B83 131) <K.Hamer at> wrote
> BUT...... After printing a document, Samba appears to hang up the connection,
> although another seems to start pretty quickly.  
> server.netbios-   client.1065            8557      0  8760      0 CLOSE_WAIT
> The connection will stay in this state until the user tries to access
> something on the network drive or until it times out.  smbstatus reflects the
> above and shows a connection until time-out.

	This is pretty normal behaviour on the closedown of a
	TCP/IP session, but I admit I'm surprised that the
	session has been closed...
> Normally, when the user tries to access anything on the network drive, the
> smbd daemon, as expected, kicks off a new process, a new connection is
> established and everybody is happy.

	And that sounds like the client recovering from 
	an unasked for disconnection...
> HOWEVER, some clients drop the network drive and their users find that they
> must re-connect.  Sometime this is not possible until the old connection times
> out.  Both NT and Windows95 clients are affected.  I SUSPECT that this is more
> of a client problem than a Samba/UNIX one but I can't prove it.

	I'd suspect it's both.  The SMB authors assumed that
	clients will try to recover when necessary.  The client
	authors assumed the SMB service will try hard to stay up.
	Each tends to depend on the other...

	If I owned both server and client, I'd try to get both
	looked at.  Alas, MS isn't a Sun subsidiary so I can't
	help on the client end (:-))

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