Accessing Samba share over the Internet

Simon Greener simon.greener at
Thu Dec 18 12:44:50 GMT 1997


I want to connect to a share on a Samba server over the Internet.  I have
the Samba server installed and working OK (for NT clients at least) but when
I connect from my NT workstation over the Internet I get 'Invalid Handle'
dialogs when I try to map a network drive.  I think it should be OK but one
major difference is the remote NT workstation is not a member of the domain
in which the Samba server or LAN NT clients are.  Does this make any
difference (assuming I connect with a user specified as
'<domain>\<username>').  This kind of connection is OK for mapping drives to
NT server over the Internet.

On the whole I'm very fuzzy about the Authentication subject and encryption
as well.  Are there some good documents for background reading (apart from
the ones found in the .../samba-1.9.17p4/docs directory.


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