Speed Problems

F. G. P. fgp at fgp.atnet.at
Tue Dec 16 21:53:43 GMT 1997


	I have setup an samba-server on an linux.box (2.0.25). I can see the
shares on my winnt-clients, and also open the server in the network
neiborghood, but opening a share takes uo to 5 (!) minutes. Also opening
subfolders of a share takes that long. If I map the same share to a local
driver, I can access it as fast as any other network ressource. I have
samba also running on a notebook. Connected to the same net, this problems
do not accur. I also tried using the notebook-smb.conf on my server - but
no sucess. 
	The problems does only accur on win-nt and win95 clients - from
another linux a can access the shares with normal speed.

	Hope anybody has an idea, 5 minutes is quite a long time :-)

						mfg, fgp

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