Samba18alpha12 not working as Login for NT-4 workstation

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Tue Dec 16 18:48:11 GMT 1997

On 13 Dec 1997, Domenic Wollina wrote:

> Hio
> I have a problem to get samba18alpha12 to work as an nt domain login server for
> nt-4 workstations

there are bugs in it.  you'd be better off using the BRANCH_NTDOM version.
see the public cvs instructions in and
use a tag of BRANCH_NTDOM.

if you do this, the workstation trust account smbpasswd entries must be of
the format: 


the 0080 is important: see ntdomain.h ACB_xxxx #defines for the reason.

> First here ist what I did:
> 1) Compiled Samba with -DNTDOMAIN


>    (Win 95 clients can login)

(-DNTDOMAIN doesn't have anything to do with Win95)

> 2) Here is my smb conf file
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ;======================= Global Settings =====================================
> [global]
> ; workgroup = NT-Domain-Name or Workgroup-Name, eg: REDHAT4
>    workgroup = hello
>    domain sid = S-1-5-21-123-456-789-123
>    encrypt passwords = yes

looks fine.
> ; Domain Master specifies Samba to be the Domain Master Browser
> ;       Only ever set this if there is NO Windows NT Domain Controller on the
> ;       network
>    domain master = yes


> ; Domain logon control can be a good thing! See [netlogon] share section below!
> ;       Do NOT set this to yes if there is an Windows NT domain controller
> ;       on the network
>    domain logons = yes


> ;============================ Share Definitions ==============================
> [homes]
>    comment = Home Directories
>    browseable = no
>    writable = yes


> ; Un-comment the following and create the netlogon directory for Domain Logons
>  [netlogon]
>    comment = Samba Network Logon Service
>    path = /usr/local/samba/lib/netlogon
>    writeable = no
>    guest ok = yes

general important rule here for the netlogon share - do this:

guest ok = no
locking = no

> 3)
> I had a problem to create the smbpasswd entry because i dont know how this has 
> to be so I added for the NT-Workstation called "saturn1" to smbpasswdfile:
> saturn1:0:saturn1:
> I hope this was ok !!

almost right: it needs to be saturn1$ not saturn1 (it's a trust account).

so, see the format above.  i'll update docs/NTDOMAIN.txt in BRANCH_NTDOM.

> 4)
> On the Nt maschine (no service pack installed) 
> I tried to change the setting from workgroup to domain and i recieved the 
> error: Can't find Domain controller for Domain "hello"

hm.  this isn't right: you should at least be able to find it (but not
join it, because of the bugs in the 1.9.18alpha version :-).

can you browse a share on saturn (don't do Start | File | Run | \\saturn1,
do Start | File | Run | \\saturn1\homes)? 

if you can't, fix this first (standard procedure that has nothing to do

> Can someone help me !!

what with? :-)

best regards,

luke (samba team member)

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