Various printing issues with samba

Gazza absgh at
Mon Dec 15 13:46:13 GMT 1997

I have a couple of issues with printing through samba that I would like
some help with.

I have two particular deals to sort out here.

1. I need to print output from piece of software that only prints in PS
format to a non-PS printer. Fair enopugh, I need to pipe it through
ghostscript to do this, but I also need to print it from a PC to a printer
that will be attached to a sun workstation.  Unfortunately I am not sure
how to go about setting up the printer on the W/S, so I would need some
help with this. I need someone to walk me through setting up a printer
on the sun that will pipe what it gets through ghostscript and then send
this to the printer itself. I also need to be able to share this printer
using samba.

2. I need to be able to print from the sun workstation to a printer
attached to a PC using samab. I assume I'll be using smbclient to do this
but again would like some assistance in setting this printer up on the sun

The sun is running Solaris 2.5.1

Thanks for any help in advance.

Gary Wilson-Garner

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