Printer account help

F. G. P. fgp at
Fri Dec 12 23:22:29 GMT 1997

>      We  have tried to use SMB  to handle printer jobs in our network.
> We hope that each user has a printer account  which could be set certain
> amount of pages.    And each account need to be ckecked  if it has
> enough pages printing permission  before printing.    If the answer is
> no, then the user would be warn and  unable to print.
>       Do you know any free software  is  available to deal with this
> problem?      Or any suggestion,  we can work on modfication of SMB
> source code.

You can configure Samba to run any script or program by specifying an
print command = ....
in you smb.conf. 
You can configure the pc's to print via a postscript-driver to you
samba-server. Then you have to write a script, which converts the pages
with ghostscript, and checks (by examining the standard-output?) the
number of pages. If the user sent too many pages, the script can warn him
via a winpopup message 
(can be send mith smbclient -M computername << message.file). Under win95,
these messages will appear only if winpopup
ist startet, under NT a messages box will appear.

Just mail me if you need mor help 

				mfg, fgp


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