keeping mapped drives with nt wkst.

Brian K. Biltz brianb at
Thu Dec 11 14:11:18 GMT 1997

I am having an interesting time making a couple of windows NT 4.0
workstations keep their mapped network drive mounts to a  SAMBA server
running release 1.9.13.  Currently I have plenty of the company's Win 3.11
machines re-connecting to network drives just fine with other Win 3.11
p.c.'s and the samba-server.

I have applied the M.S. service pack #3 for the Win NT workstations and
made the registry changes for using plain passwords. I can connect to a
network drive initially one time just fine. BUT Keeping a connection
mapped during a power off/on I need some help on.

If you start the Win NT 4.0 workstation machine, browse and map a network
drive (say D: to "//samba-server/misc"  it works fine) but if you leave it
mapped and shutdown-restart win NT it will try to restore this connection
it will fail miserably no matter what you type in as the password.

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