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Peter de Groot pdgtech at
Thu Dec 11 04:07:09 GMT 1997

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
> On Wed, 10 Dec 1997, Peter de Groot wrote:
> > I view the WINS server as being layered over the
> > underlying hostname resolution protocol. i.e.  the WINS server
> > supplies hostname information PLUS other things -- like which
> > machine is the local master browser etc.
> i have said this approximately once a month for the last two years: i
> will say it again.  WINS is not browsing.  NetBIOS is not browsing.
> browsing is not NetBIOS.  browsing is not WINS.

Concur. But in this scenario

A Windoze95 client with WINS Resolution ENABLED, and ignoring the
cross subnet stuff .... Does the PC then

1.  Query the WINS server for the name of the Master Browser, 
    for a particular domain and get the server list from there.
2.  Broadcast for a machine that has a workgroup list, and from there
    find the master for the domain. Do only master browsers carry 
    workgroup lists ?? 
3.  Just broadcast - and every member of a domain points back to it's
    master browser, which is then consulted.
4.  Does every machine carry a list of the other servers in their
    This list being synchronised by the master browser.  Or is this list
    built by broadcast ?  Is this the scenario in WFW?

If the Windoze has WINS resolution DISABLED.  Does the PC then
work entirely from item 2 (above) down.

This was why I was wondering if you had a lookup utility.

> you for pointing it out.  i'd appreciate it if you could send in a short
> message to samba-bugs, describing this.

Done.  The work around is trivial.
> between its domain master browsers, and also by having a proprietary
> system built in to its WINS server, where a domain master can ask the
> WINS server for a list of other domain masters.

Sorry.  I was under the impression that bit that you were having 
trouble with was the WINS to WINS stuff, and all the extra stuff that
NT uses in its domain.  I assumed that if you could
syncronise a workgroup list across a subnet, then extra 
workgroups would basically be the same.

Would remote announce be the go ??????  I do not have any NT boxes here.
What does the lmhosts file do ???

many thanks

Peter de Groot

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