save as in windows

Maddog sosa19 at IDT.NET
Tue Dec 9 19:49:48 GMT 1997

First off I want to thank everyone who is working and contributing to
Samba. I have installed FreeBSD on a Pentium PC and have compiled samba
with gcc. I have it working and can post shares of printers and drives
but have ran into a problem. I read through the documentation several
times and can't seem to find the answer. When I open a document for any
Windows-based Apps and try to save it. Windows reports back with an
error. Stating it cannot save the file. I have a feeling it is because
samba have set the attribute to Deny_write. I was wondering (1) if this
is what is happening (2) is there something I can do to allow users the
ability to save their documents once the open it with the same name.
All the users have UNIX accounts and their passwords and usernames are
Thanks in advance for any help. I've included my SMB.CONF

workgroup = personal
domain master = yes
local master = yes
prefered master = yes
os level = 65
wins support = yes
wins proxy = yes
interfaces =
getwd cache = yes
max xmit = 8192
browseable = yes
password level = 1
write raw = yes
read raw = yes
status = yes
read prediction = True
read size = 8192

path = /usr/share/carry/dos
guest ok = no
public = true
comment = Personal Drive
available = yes
read only = no
writeable = yes
strict locking = yes
create mask = 0777

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