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Tue Dec 9 18:51:15 GMT 1997

>> The problem is performance. While Samba is not terribly slow it's still
>> too slow. Copying large files takes about half a minute/meg  on an
>i find that samba running on FreeBSD is also pathetically slow: 10 to 20 
>k per second.  adding "socket options = TCP_NODELAY" speeds this up by a 
>factor of ten to twenty, on a 10mb/s LAN with NE2000 cards.  it hammers 
>the server, because it too only has an NE2000, but who cares :-)

Hmmm, I hadn't had any problem's w/ my FreeBSD 2.2.2-RELEASE Samba, running on 100Mhz
pentium, EZ2000 nic's thru xover cable to NT4SP3, also EZ2000 - copying a 7.4Mb .gz file from
FreeBSD share to NT, using dos box 'copy' takes 30 seconds ( 15mb/min, 250Kb/sec) timed
w/ stopwatch. Using smbclient to copy back to FreeBSD got 814Kb/sec (48 Mb/min) as reported
by smbclient.


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