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> Now, I just got it running on my Debian/GNU Linux machine at home, and
> partially set up on our Linux server at work.  HERE'S THE BIG QUESTION:
> Anyone know how to get *Samba* to work with Kerberos?  Is there an easy,
> painless way or will it require me doing open-heart surgery on the Samba
> authentication source code?  (Which I would be willing to do, *if* there
> isn't anyone else out there who has already done it.)
> Thanks!


A friend of mine recently setup his RedHat Linux 4.2 boxes with Kerberos
authentication and he uses the Kerberos PAM modules to handle all his
authentication (including Samba).  I am not familiar with Debian Linux so
I do not know if it supports PAM out of the box, but if so you may want to
look into that approach.  If not you may want to look at using a
distribution with PAM support, it's real slick =).  I don't have any URLs
for PAM/Kerberos info handy, but if you have trouble finding it let me
know and I will get it from my friend. 

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