Daniel Robbins drobbins at
Sun Dec 7 18:08:12 GMT 1997

I want to thank whoever mentioned KerbNet by Cygnus Solutions!  Wowza!
I recommend that people check it out.  It lets you implement Kerberos
under UNIX and NT, and have them work together (so you have one *unified*
security system that is used by both your NT and UNIX boxes).
It's at

It also does authentication *without* sending passwords over the network,
greatly enhancing security.  And it also lets you open up DES encrypted
telnet, ftp and rlogin sessions.  I am very impressed with the quality of
this package, and encourage those out there who are not familiar with
Kerberos to take a look at the package and see what it can do for you.
There's quite a learning curve if you are not familiar with Kerberos,
but I think it's worth it.

Now, I just got it running on my Debian/GNU Linux machine at home, and
partially set up on our Linux server at work.  HERE'S THE BIG QUESTION:

Anyone know how to get *Samba* to work with Kerberos?  Is there an easy, 
painless way or will it require me doing open-heart surgery on the Samba 
authentication source code?  (Which I would be willing to do, *if* there isn't 
anyone else out there who has already done it.) 



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