Logon to SAMBA

swz at dor.kaiser.org swz at dor.kaiser.org
Fri Dec 5 01:20:50 GMT 1997

     I have installed the samba-1.9.17p3 on our 
     Solaris 2.5.1 (named 'dor-ent1') and Linux (named 'iserver'). 
     They work when I test out 'smbclient -L dor-ent1' from
     Linux machine and vice-versa. I also can map the directories
     on 'dor-ent1' or 'iserver' to my win95 machine using:
     'net use * \\dor-ent1\tmp'.
     However, I failed to logon to the samba server.
     My Win95 machine is on network '' but the
     samba server is on network ''. 
     The smb.conf file is as following:
     workgroup = research
     domain master = yes
     local master = yes
     preferred master = yes
     os level = 65
     domain logons = yes
     wins support = yes
     security = user
     quest ok = no
     read only = no
     comment = temporary files
     path = /tmp
     read only = yes
     path = /diske1/SAMBA/netlogon
     writable = no
     quest ok = no
     Can anyone help me  with this?
     Division of Research
     Kaiser Permanente

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