Problems with servicepack 3

Roeland M.J. Meyer rmeyer at
Wed Dec 3 17:36:57 GMT 1997

At 20:19 03-12-97 +1100, NU Magnusson Leif wrote:
>I read your notice about your problem with Windows NT and servicepack 3.
>Did you find any solution?
>I have the same problem: I can´t see other computers on the network when
>I´m running SAMBA. I would appreciate if you could help me.

I've been seeing these messages for a while and was concerned. Due to other
factors, including a disk crash and two machine upgrades, I had to
re-install OSs on four machines. While I was at it, I upgraded to 1.9.17p4
and set up for cross-subnet browsing as well.

Here's the setup;

1) New server, running current version of Caldera OpenLinux, with upgraded
named and Samba v1.9.17p4. Kernel v2.0.29

2) Old server, upgraded from Slackware96, to current version of Caldera
OpenLinux, with upgraded named and Samba v1.9.17p4. Kernel v2.0.30.

3) New workstation, with amdK6-200, fresh install of WinNTws40 with upgrade
to SP3. Also Hummingbird Exceed, FTP OnNet32, VisualC++, VisCafePro,
PowerBuilder5, ERwin, Office97(with SR-1 upgrade), Project98, etc. In other
words, the Kitchen-sink is included.

4) Old workstation with re-install of WinNTws40 with upgrade to SP3. Also
Hummingbird Exceed, FTP OnNet32, Office97(with SR-1 upgrade), PaintShopPro,
AppGen client, and Quicken4.0.

5) Old server, still running Slackware97, kernel v2.0.30, straight upgrade
from Samba v1.9.19 to v1.9.17p4, no other changes.

The results;

While I had some problems with Caldera, in that they moved things to weird
(non-standard) places and it's really designed for desk-top use, the
upgrade went smoothly. The Slackware upgrade, to the new Samba, was a breeze.

All Linux boxen are running DNS, one of them is primary DNS. Two of them
are NIS managed, one is still running the shadow suite.

This whole setup has been running for two weeks, 24x7. The config is as
descibed in BROWSING.txt and ENCRYPTION.txt. Everything is by-the-book
except that my smbpasswd file is shared among all three machines via an
NFS/AMD mount, from the same machine which is also the primary DNS and NIS
master. NFS is hiding behind tcp_wrappers so it is only visible from within
my domains ( and

I am currently having NO problems with machines randomly disappearing from


1) I have yet to test the cross-subnet features of the new Samba. Most of
my sub-nets are across the Internet, on a VPN, so I still have a VPN setup
to finish before I can test sub-net features.

2) Caldera isn't really optimized for server operations. As I re-configure
it, and add server features, notibly the VPN stuff, I may run into
problems. When/if I do, I'll report it to this list, along with the

3) I need some help in setting delegated virtual domains in DNS. Are any of
y'all, at a working ISP who're doing such things, available for a little
$help$ in this? I have four domains I need to support, with the same DNS
system, and starting in the same class C space. The Grass Hopper book
doesn't cover this case, neither does Nemeth's book. Can this be done with
a sub-netted class C?

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