Querying WINS server

David Terrell dterrell at obscurity.net
Tue Dec 2 17:31:17 GMT 1997

Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but I couldn't find it in the
mailing list archives, the faq, the included documentation, or the source,
so I figured I'd at least ask.

I'd like to query a WinNT wins server from my linux box, and find the 
IP address of a machine that is registered there.  Ideally, I'd like
to just plug that into smbclient.  As it stands, when I type
smbclient //server/share, and the server is not on my local net, smbclient
can't find it.  It doesn't appear to check the WINS server at all.....

Is there a utility I'm missing somewhere?


Dave Terrell
dterrell at obscurity.net
finger dterrell at uiuc.edu for pgp key

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