Problems with compiler options

Alex Likwintsev aliq at
Sat Aug 30 01:28:56 GMT 1997

Hi, All!

I've compiled Samba recently and I've found that my Win95 box
and smbclient show UNIX shares as if they are empty.
I set DEBUGLEVEL=10 and put a lot of additional DEBUG
macro in Samba code.

It lookes like readdirname() cut off first two characters
from file names because of the strange behavior of readdir().

I've modified readdirname() to make it work by replacing
readdir() with readdir_r():


char *readdirname(void *p)
  static union{
    struct dirent dir;
    char dummy[1024];
  } buf;

  if (!p) return(NULL);

  if (readdir_r(p, &(buf.dir))==NULL )

  unix_to_dos(buf.dir.d_name, True);

#ifdef NEXT2
  if (telldir(p) < 0) return(NULL);


And it began to work properly.
But I'm not sure I've corrected all the other things
of this sort.

I think there must be some way to correct it without

If anybody knows proper compiler options or some other
ways to correct strange behavoir of readdir(),
please mail to me.

My UNIX  is SunOS 5.5.1, and I've compiled Samba
with SPARC C compiler ver 4.0.
I haven't changed CFLAGS setting in Makefile.

I've never had any other C compilers in my SUN box,
so I couldn't mix *.h files.

Thanks for any ideas.
                     Alex Likwintsev
                     aliq at

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