samba-1.9.17 problem deleting files from DOS

Mark KNIGHT mark.knight at
Fri Aug 29 12:51:28 GMT 1997

I have just upgraded from 1.9.16p9 to 1.9.17.

Platform: SunOS 4.1.4

Now in a DOS window under WfW 3.11 I can not delete any files, including
ones created in the same DOS window, unless I wild card them:

fails:   del a.txt (General failure reading drive Y)
works:   del a.*

It also works fine under file manager.

I am sure I have had this problem in the past (well over a year ago) with
a much older version of samba, and then this was fixed in a later version.
I reported the problem to this list at that time, but unfortunately I have
no idea of the version concerned.

Any ideas gratefully received!



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