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Antony King ant at
Fri Aug 29 09:37:25 GMT 1997

Can I make a general request to users of this mailing list to:

a) not include binaries in postings - that includes whatever
   it is that microslop mail does with 'sending the message in
   two formats'
b) make sure their mailers break lines up sensibly - many mail
   systems have a habit of truncating long lines
c) not include the whole of the previous samba digest :-)

On a more sambaish note, I still have some problems with print
jobs getting queued up by samba but not being forwarded to the
lp queue for some clients. I think however it is a bug in the
lp command in SCO rather than a samba problem, as the lp
command does get executed (I wrote a wrapper around it to check).
Consequently, I get round it by using cron to dump the queue to
the printer every 5 minutes :-P

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