Win 98 beta2 samba ?feature?

Todd T. Fries toddf at
Thu Aug 28 20:54:07 GMT 1997

There is a Win98beta2 machine that is trying
to connect to some Linux and Solaris machines
running samba.  Every time we try it gives a
password failure, and in the log files we see:

Invalid guest account nobody??

...even though we are a user that was logged on
and are able to use the NT 4.0 server we have
on the network just fine.

The linux machines are using both
   Version 1.9.16p11
   Version 1.9.15p8

while the Solaris machines are using:

   Version 1.9.16p9

The error that is very consistent is the dialog box that pops
up and says .. 'The password is incorrect. Try again.'

I've tried changing my unix password to a lowercase password
and this doesn't help.

Is there perhaps something new with win98 that doesn't like
samba or something?
Todd Fries .. todd at

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