%L in samba configuration file

Richard Eames Richard.Eames at es.flinders.edu.au
Thu Aug 28 00:33:33 GMT 1997

I've been trying to get my samba server (samba 1.19.17 on HP-UX 9.05 ) to
behave differently depending on how the server is called using %L in the
samba configuration file

i.e include = /etc/testfile.%L

and setting up an aliase in my nameserver for my machine

e.g  Original entry is
	fred	IN	A	129.96.**.**  (** not really what I've typed in of course)

and I've added

	fred_smb	IN	CNAME	fred.**.**.**

The objective being twofold, one to let the user see a different directory
when connecting to the different name and two (if possible) to have the
global server settings different depending on what name is used to connect
to the server!

But I've encountered several problems:

1> It doesn't work at all in the [global] section
%L is replaced with BLANK !!!

2> It only works when using SMBclient in the rest

i.e if I do a smbclient \\\\fred_smb\\whatever

	then %L is replaced with fred_smb (but not in the global section)

    BUT from any NT 4.0 machine connecting to \\fred_smb\whatever ends up
being  just \\fred\whatever

All very confusing!

Any help much appreciated (copies of working configuration files even more

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