Problem executing logon script - PLEASE HELP!

Rob Naccarato rob.naccarato at
Wed Aug 27 16:01:33 GMT 1997

My Win95 clients are having intermittent problems running
the logon script.  I am running Samba 1.9.17alpha5 on DEC
Unix 3.2G.

In the client's log file (under logs/), I receive this message:

	Share violation on file (1,1,0,9375,kix/logon.bat) = 0

Now, I've tried the various options reaging locking, but the
problems still persist.

Relevant options from smb.conf:

        logon script = kix\logon.bat
        domain logons = yes
        password level = 16
        security = user
        strict locking = yes
        write list=pc, at shernet, at system
        create mask=0775
        case sensitive = no

Again, this problem happens intermtently, not all the time.  And
not from the same client or user.  The same client may work fine
for a few logon sessions, then all of a sudden it fails.

Thanks in advance.

Rob Naccarato           "I know I'm a lot of feathers,
Sys Admin               but not much chicken."
Sheridan College                         -KM
Oakville, Ont. Canada

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