Create mask per directory?

Hannu Martikka martikka at
Wed Aug 27 15:12:41 GMT 1997


It would be useful to be able to define file/directory create mask
per directory (and affecting everything under it). So that you could
say in smb.conf file: 

dirmask= /home,0755
dirmask= /usr/local/wrk,0775
dirmask= /usr/local/wrk/grp1,0770
dirmask= /usr/local/wrk/grp2,0770

Some users like to access everything from their homedir with one
"network drive connection" and create lots of symlinks from homedir. 
Some other users like to have serveral network drives
(H:=\\host\username, K:=\\host\wrkgrp1, L:=\\host\wrkgrp2). 
But since we have defined different create masks for different shares
this will cause problems with protections...

At the moment we have cron process to take care of permissions but 
it would be much easier for us if we could define create masks for
directories and samba would take care of proper umasks no matter how
to user refers/connects to that directory.

- Goodi
"UNIX should be used as an adjective." -- AT&T

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