Properties of Samba server say "Windows NT server 4.2" ?

Gert-Jan Vons Gert-Jan.Vons at
Wed Aug 27 14:11:31 GMT 1997

Hello all,

I recently noticed that when asking for the properties of a
samba server (i.e. right-click on name of Samba server in
network neighborood), Windows tells me that it is a

	Type: Windows NT 4.2 Server

It is nice to see that even Microsoft recognises that Samba has
an advance compared to NT4.0 :-), but how come ? Is it just
a harmless joke from the samba developers, or is it a bug ?


PS1: keep up the good work guys, we're very happy with Samba!

PS2: I've seen this with 1.9.16p11, and it is still there with
     1.9.17alpha5, client being a Windows NT4 workstation.

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 with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use."
    - Galileo Galilei

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