File ownership problems...Solaris 2.5.1 and Samba 1.9.17alpha5

Hernan Pastoriza hernan at
Wed Aug 27 12:53:53 GMT 1997

I can't give an answer to this but maybe give another hint to the great
developers of the samba team.
I have a Linux 2.0.24 + samba 1.9.16p11 serving W95,WfW and DOS machines.
Everything works very well but there is a small thing that bothers me a
little. Some of the smbd process are owned by root. Contrary to the
original message, there are no problems with ownership of the created
files, so samba knows who is logged. Although this it's OK for our
trusted network may be it can bring a security hole in the system.
I think (looking in the log files) that this happens when there is a
validation failure of the clients and samba tries again (because the
password level=5). I didn't look at the code but probably in this sequence
is skipping the drop of root uid.

I hope this helps,


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