Write errors from laptop running Win95 OSR2

Ben Stuyts benst at nemesis.stuyts.nl
Tue Aug 26 14:08:40 GMT 1997


I am setting up a laptop with win95 (OSR2) and a Dynalink L1433QVC  
ethernet/modem card. The server is a FreeBSD machine running Samba 1.9.15p8.  
Read performance from the network is excellent, but writing files to the  
network fails completely. Although the network drive (E:) is visible, a  
simple copy command from C: to E:  gives, after a very long timeout:

This device does not exist on the network. reading drive E
Abort, Retry, Fail

Copying from E: to C: works just fine. Also, copying from C: to another  
win95 machine's C: drive works fine.

There are also a bunch of other machines on the net, running Win95 (the old  
one) and NT4. They run fine.

Any ideas?

BTW, I thought I'd read on this list that OSR2 would have the same password  
encryption problems that NT4 SP3 has, but I didn't encounter that.


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