Win Clients -> Samba server -> broken

Graham Leggett graham at
Tue Aug 26 22:15:23 GMT 1997

Hi all,

I have been running a Samba server of a box for a while now, browsed
fine by a whole lot of windows clients on another subnet no problem.

I have just added another samba server with the intention of using it as
a time server and WINS server.

On three different Samba clients, accessing both servers using
"smbclient" worked 100% and still works 100%.

When accessing the new server from NT, it returns the system error 1214,
formet of the specified network name is invalid. "Find computer" finds
the computer, but the error occurs if I double-click on the computer
name to access it. The same error occurs if I type "net time
\\computername" from the DOS prompt.

>From Windows 95, I type "net time \\computername" and I get error 59, an
unexpected error has occured (surprise surprise), quit all running
programs and restart your computer then try again. Of course, doing this
has no effect.

Looking inside the logfiles for nmbd, I see a lot of:

Name query name registration for MACHINE(0) rejected!
Name registration for name MACHINE(1f) at xx.xx.xx.xx - not found
response for MACHINE(1f) from xx.xx.xx.xx (bcast=No)
Name query name registration for MACHINE(1f) rejected!
Name registration for name MACHINE(20) at xx.xx.xx.xx- not found

Anyone have a clue as to what's going on?

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