SMBD not killing process

Jason Gerrity jason.gerrity at
Mon Aug 25 19:11:56 GMT 1997

>>On Tue, 26 Aug 1997, Rob Naccarato wrote:
>then, you get [user2] created, but the share [user1] still exists!
>i have only been able to reproduce the problem, not fix it: i've sent 
>details, as best i can, to the other samba team people, so that those 
>more familiar with smbd (where the problem lies) can fix it.  in the 
>mean-time, i keep on hacking a local copy of smbd to see if i can narrow 
>this down some more.

So, what can I do in the meantime?  Go back to a previous version
of Samba?  Does a previous version  stop this from happening?
Are there any log files I can send along to help fix
this problem?  I concur with your observation about the smbd not
exiting properly.  During some tests, smbstatus showed us some
locked files without an associated client connected.

>> the client appears to not always make a connection to the
>> [netlogon] share to run the logon script.  It does, however,
>> always connect to [netlogon] to open the config.pol file, which
>> is always run after the logon script.
>[hm.  personal question: how did you get it to open / load the config.pol 

The trick is to set "Load Balance" on the client (in Poledit or
in the Registry).  This setting is found in Poledit under
Local Machine->Network->Update.  Set Update to Automatic and
Load Balance on. Then have config.pol in the [netlogon] share,
readable by world.  

>Kixtart (hur hur).  is that the program that modifies the registry?  
>particularly, it's being suggested for use in modifying the local profile 
>directory location to an SMB share, making you appear to have roaming 
>profiles, where instead you're just wasting bandwidth every time you look 
>at the start menu?

Kixtart is a scripting language that *can* edit the Registry.

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