stop users rebooting NT; config.pol files - not related to samba

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Mon Aug 25 14:20:24 GMT 1997

this is a non-samba issue, but probably a frequent question for 
administrators involved with samba and NT.

does anyone know how i can stop NT workstation 4.0 (well, actually, NT
server configured as a stand-alone server, if that makes any difference) 
from being rebooted by users.

preferably without using CONFIG.POL files, or NTconfig.POL files.

also, does anyone know what the registry entry is to get w95 to start 
reading CONFIG.POL files from the NETLOGON share?  i want to explore 
setting this up, because users are trashing the w95 machines here at the 

[just because they've got a w95 machine at home, they think it's ok to
download the aol installation - as if we use modems here or what - or to
download their favourite chat program / ftp program.  great - just what we
need: freeware vxds loaded up on some 486s that are already terminally

thanks in advance,


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