Printer Access Across a Network

J. Amelia Ellis amelia at
Thu Aug 21 18:52:00 GMT 1997

   ____________       __________      ___________      ___________
  |            | Ether|Print   | Frame|FrameRelay|Frame|Samba	 |
  |NT 3.51     |------|Server  |------|Switch    |-----|	 |
  |            | net  |UnixWare| Relay|UnixWare  |Relay|UnixWare |
  |____________|      |________|      |__________|     |_________|
		      |  HP    |


We've assembled the above network and it kinda, sorta works.

1) The Samba server does not appear in the the NT's browse list but 
it is accessible by explicit request.

2) The print server has the laserjet set up as a local printer.
Absolutely everybody has permission to print to it, and on the Samba
side also everyone has permission.

The printer is set up as a remote printer on the Samba machine,
and can be printed to from there.  However, when I try to set up the
printer on the NT side I am told something like the port doesn't
exist or can't be connected to, so I can't even make the null port.
And of course the printer is does not appear in the browse list.

We don't have an NT server, just workstations.
How can I fix the browsing and more importantly,
any ideas about how to reach the printer?



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