Kerberos in NT/NG

Marco A. Zamora mzamora at
Thu Aug 21 19:07:53 GMT 1997

Interesting little tidbit, sort-of confirming the notion that Kerberos will be
an integral part of WinNT's security scheme:
(need MSDN premium access to get here, free for the time being, just register
on MS's MSDN web site).

"Transitive trust is a feature of the Kerberos system, which provides the
                                      ^^^^^^^^         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
distributed authentication and authorization in Windows NT next generation
systems."                                                  ^^^^

Methinks it's time the Samba code is scanned for possible problems with
Kerberization. Thus, if Samba is ready for interaction with M$'s beta of its
distributed directory/auth system, we can push for a *correct* implementation
of Kerberos on NT, and not the half-baked, incompatible implementations that
they sometimes (?) release.

Think of a standard protocol on NT! The thought boggles the mind :).

Cheers...			Marco Zamora

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