SAMBA digest 1394

Roger Binns rogerb at
Thu Aug 21 15:40:16 GMT 1997

> 	I think this sort of software is not only an answer to Samba, but
> to other products that intend to the same thing. Recently, I've posted 
> a message about SCO Advanced File and Print Services, although I've 
> received some laughing about SCO's market share ...

It may interest you to know that there was a Lan Manager based file
and print market long before Samba or Linux even came into existence.
You should also be careful about the various `market share' figures
you see around since they are almost all biased.  SCO is certainly
a non-trivial player in both the UNIX and file and print markets.

The real impact of Linux and Samba have been to demonstrate the
benefit of open systems.

Part of this has been an expansion of the UNIX and file and print
sharing `markets', of which they have a share.  Now customers have
an even wider choice of products.  I don't think anyone would claim
that any one product is suitable for every customer (even if the 
product is `free').

So, please do continue to express your needs to all the various
vendors, and then pick the products that best meet them.  I hope
we can be one of those vendors.

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